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The code was created by the Freeman College of Management Student Advisory Board for students and the community. The code will be periodically reviewed by future Student Advisory Board Members.

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Freeman College of Management Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics reaffirms the rules and expectations laid out in Bucknell University’s Student Code of Conduct and represents a commitment among those in the Freeman College of Management community to promote inclusivity and social responsibility while holding ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, respect, and responsibility towards ourselves, each other, and the greater global community.

Personal Integrity

As part of a community that values knowledge and excellence, we will act with integrity in all endeavors both at Bucknell and beyond. We affirm our commitment to pursuing honest and original work. It is our responsibility to understand the expectations and requirements regarding research, writing, assessments, collaborative work, and support in our personal and academic pursuits.

Mutual Respect

As members of the Freeman College of Management, it is our collective responsibility to hold ourselves and others accountable for our behavior and actions in all aspects of our life. We denounce any acts of discrimination, racism or disrespect towards any individual or group. We strive for social justice for all people regardless of gender, race, nationality, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic status, physical abilities, etc. As a member of the Freeman community, we will promote respect, while embracing diversity and inclusion. 

Social Responsibility

We will take action to protect and preserve the planet. We commit to building a safe, caring, and more just community. Our voices, skills, and resources must be used to proactively support environmental and social justice issues.  We pledge to stand against any and all conduct motivated by bias while committing to ethical and righteous behavior. When faced with injustice, we will take appropriate action in order to build a better and safer community for all. 


We must exemplify professional conduct inside and outside the Bucknell community. We are responsible for actively and enthusiastically engaging in all academic and personal endeavors. When interacting with each other, as well as the borough of Lewisburg and the greater community, we not only represent ourselves but the Freeman College of Management.

Statement of Community Values

We commit to…

Honesty and integrity within our academic and personal pursuits.

Respect for the environment, ourselves, and others regardless of our differences.

Action against injustice within all settings.

Professionalism in all endeavors as lifelong representatives of the Freeman College of Management and Bucknell University.