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The Student Advisory Board is a representative body for students within the Freeman College of Management. The Board cultivates student experiences through strategic initiatives to foster community inside and outside the classroom. Enhancing the community provides a platform for individuals to connect, collaborate, and create their own unique path and purpose.

Academic Year 2020-2021 Members of the Advisory Board:
Alana Bortman ’22, ACFM
Emma Cashwell ’22, ACFM
Sophie Cohen ’21, MIDE
Ella Fronk ’22, ACFM
Jala Grant ’22, GLBM – Co-Leader
Luke Grover ’22, ACFM
Yanjing Huang ’22, Business Analytics
Ariel Kelly ’22, Business Analytics
Tori Kline ’23, GLBM
Hayley Koenigsberg ’23, ACFM
Maanik Lal ’21, MIDE
Camillo Lazaraczyk ’21, MIDE
Lauren LeoGrande ’21, MIDE
Kate Normandin ’23, MSUS
James Odiorne ’21, GLBM
Stephen Olick-Sutphen ’22, GLBM
Brian Rubenstein ’21, ACFM & Computer Science
Zach Swartz ’22, ACFM
Ryan Williams ’21, ACFM
Amy Yowell ’21, MSUS
Hailey Zimmerman ’21, ACFM – Co-Leader