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The Student Advisory Board is a representative body for students within the Freeman College of Management. The Board cultivates student experiences through strategic initiatives to foster community inside and outside the classroom. Enhancing the community provides a platform for individuals to connect, collaborate, and create their own unique path and purpose.

Academic Year 2021-2022 Members of the Advisory Board:

Co-Chairs: Jala Grant (Global 2022), Kate Normandin (MSUS 2023 ) and Zach Swartz (Finance 2022)
Engagement Committee
Ella Fronk, Chair2022 Finance
Luke Grover2022 Finance
Caroline Frank2023 Finance
Callie Sullivan2023 MIDE
Danielle O’Sullivan2024 Finance
Camel McDermott2024 MIDE
Brad Tauscher2023 Accounting
Inclusivity Committee
Tori Kline, Chair2023 Global
Keri Gilligan2024 Finance
Marissa Darvin2024 Accounting
Jack Cushing2023 Finance
Lilly Patterson2023 MORS
Kirk Lospinoso2022 Finance
Kevin Cody2023 Analytics
Special Committee
Peter DeStefano, Chair2023 MIDE
Brenna Yingling2024 MORS
Kevin Collier2024 Analytics
Sofia Dristas2024 Accounting
Hayley Koenigsberg2023 Finance
Emma Cashwell2022 Finance
Ariel Kelley2022 Analytics

Members currently abroad include: Jala Grant (Global 2022), Alana Bortman (MIDE 2022), Yanjing Huang (Analytics 2022), and Stephen Olick-Stuphen (Global 2022)